Body Jewellery and Its Types

Published: 26th September 2011
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Wearing body jewellery has become a fashion statement now. You can see people wearing body jewellery in all places. You can see them in clubs, discos, bars, malls, colleges and many other places. You can wear a piece of body jewellery and you will see the difference in your personality. It will be totally different and you will be able to make an impression on whomever you meet.

Though, wearing body jewellery has been in vogue from ancient times, it has become a fashion statement now. Previously people used to wear body jewellery as it was needed to wear in their customs. Now also you can see many people in Asia and Africa wearing body jewellery. You must have seen many old tribal women wearing heavy earring, anklets, nose rings and other pieces of jewellery. They started wearing jewellery from very young age and they wear very heavy jewellery so the holes in their body also become huge.

In piercing body jewellery there are basically two types of body jewellery. The first one is the externally threaded body jewellery. In this type of body jewellery there is thread on the end of the barbell and it is placed inside a threaded hole in the ball. So it implies that the thread passes through the hole and then the ball is screwed in the place. There is a danger of thread being ripped and harming the tissues of the body.

In the other type of threaded jewellery that is the internal threaded body jewellery the threaded body jewellery has a hole inside it and an external thread coming out of the ball. A smooth barbell passes through the piercing and so there is less pain and the ball is tightened in to place. So you can say that internally pierced body jewellery is better as it does not harm the body as much as externally pierced body jewellery. The internal piercing body jewellery though does cost most, but in the long run you will find it a safer bet for your body.

In all types of jewellery that you can wear it is best to opt for that jewellery that will not harm your body. In the belly rings also there are certain types of body piercing jewellery. Though you will find certain rings to be cheaper, it is best to go for expensive one as it would be safer for your body. You can shop online for body piercing jewellery. With a huge choice and the pros and cons of both types given you can choose wisely the one that suits you.

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